Agents OVERSEAS AGENTS REQUIRED  Invitations are open for established  parts & accessory businesses or car trade businesses which are wishing to expand into the “British Classic Car parts and accessory market” For marks such as MG. Triumph, Fords, Lotus, etc.  Plus, all British Leyland e.g.  Mini’s. Land Rover etc. etc.  We also have a range of classic accessories for European cars such as VW. etc.   Agents  wishing to sell Springalex products.  Many of which are made in our UK workshops,  with our own tooling or sourced from reliable manufactures, Can rely on a first class and professional  service from all the staff at Springalex.    AGENTS WILL BENEFIT FROM: Limited number of agents in each country. Full technical support. Purchase products at trade prices. Shipping will be at cost. Any direct sales contact to Springalex Ltd UK.  Will be, re-directed to the nearest Agent. If you are interested in becoming one of the family of agents around the world, please contact me direct on   Managing Director:  Michael Toole.  PMI.  MBA.  Copyright © Springalex Ltd 2010